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How to Bulletproof Your Estimates

Here’s another excerpt from The Best of Pencil Points, Volume 1, coming July 1, 2015!   Next to actually doing the job, estimating is probably the most challenging task for a freelance. It can also be the most frightening. Estimate too high, and you might not get the job you would have been glad to… Read more »

Twitter Tips for Medical Writers

We’re excited to share an excerpt from our newest book, Best of Pencil Points, Volume 1, set for release on July 1, 2015. Don’t miss the Authors’ Update and Business Tidbit at the end of the article!   Popular trends online in 2009 are social networking and anything else related to Web 2.0, a label… Read more »

Writers Behaving Badly

Bad behaviors are everywhere. Just glance at the magazine rack the next time you’re standing in the supermarket check-out line. But while movie stars and teenaged musicians might get away with behaving badly, freelance medical writers risk ruining their businesses if they engage in bad behaviors. Here’s our top 10 list of bad behaviors to… Read more »