Prospecting: It’s All About Making Connections

In our previous post, we discussed focusing your marketing efforts on a particular target market. Once you’ve done so, the question becomes how do you approach these prospects? When you are trying to make a connection, it’s not enough to say that you’re a freelance medical writer. That makes you sound generic. After all, you don’t want the listener’s eyes to glaze over before you’re done speaking. You need a good story to tell, an opening line that gets prospects interested and explains the problem you can solve for them and the results you provide. For example, “I design and write content for multimedia programs that train sales reps how to sell new products,” or “I’m an expert at designing online programs for physician education.” Now your prospect’s interested!
Medical writer handshake
If you haven’t done so yet, take some time to craft your key message. This essentially is your elevator speech. Tuck it into your back pocket and be prepared to deliver it whenever you meet a new prospect.

Becoming a freelance medical writer who always has paying work often feels like a Sisyphean task. You push that boulder up the hill only to watch it roll down again. At times you’ll wonder whether it’s worth it (it is). Other times, you’ll think you’re on the wrong track (you probably aren’t).

Marketing experts say it takes at least 4 positive interactions before a client will call you with a project. So keep at it. If you stick with your focus and build relationships within your chosen niche, people will start to call. And when you get the job done on time, on target, and within the budget, they’ll keep calling.

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