Freelance Writers and Editors, Celebrate Your Independence!


July 4th is just around the corner. As we celebrate our nation’s independence here in the United States, we think it’s appropriate for freelances far and near to celebrate their financial independence from salaried work! What does that independence mean to you? To us, it means being in control: deciding who we work for, what we work on, when we work, where we work, and how much money we make. The freedom never ceases to be exhilarating!

But of course, just as our nation’s great leaders have reminded us about our citizenship, so too we must remember about being a freelance: with great freedom comes great responsibility. As freelance medical writers and editors, we have the responsibility to work honestly and ethically. We must be rigorous in our pursuit of data, clear and factual in the reporting of that data, and acknowledged for our contributions to the medical literature.

With this great freedom we enjoy as freelances also comes the potential for great personal and professional isolation. Leaving the corporate world can be quite a jolt to the system. We need to recognize that being independent doesn’t mean living in a vacuum. We need to maintain connections with fellow writers and editors, perhaps through monthly lunches that get us away from the office and give us the chance to compare notes with colleagues in similar situations.

It’s time to celebrate our independence as freelance medical writers and editors! Do something our poor, unfortunate counterparts in the corporate world only wish they could do. It can be as simple as wearing new bunny slippers to work, or as radical as planning a picnic for a Tuesday afternoon. While our corporate world colleagues are cutting loose with Casual Fridays and No Makeup Mondays, we know we’ve got the better deal!

Photo Credit: National Archives