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I really enjoy reading these!!  They help me with my consulting business also even though it is fashion retail and not medical writing. Thanks!!!

Terri FisherPresident/CEOPlatinum Coast Retail Consulting

On the heels of sharing her personal story of beginning a medical writing career in The Accidental Medical Writer, author Cyndy Kryder wanted to provide a resource for writers analyzing research studies, medical information, and technical terms that can sometimes be hard to follow or understand. The title of this book–NUDE MICE–is one such example meaning specially bred rodents that are missing their thymus glands which causes them to have no hair or fur on their bodies.

As an amateur layperson reading scientific studies about low-carbohydrate diets often, I found Kryder’s book to be an invaluable resource. While some of the terminology used in research and medicine is easy to figure out (ie, neo means new), others are not so simple (ie, dacty which refers to bodily digits like fingers or toes). I’ll be keeping this book handy whenever I’m pouring over a new study to blog about in the future and I’m thankful for the time that Kryder paid to make this book as thorough and entertaining to read and use as possible (a minor miracle considering the subject matter!).

You’ll get all the prefixes, suffixes, root words, combination of terms, acronyms, abbreviations, and writing tips galore to make your medical writing as perfect as it can possibly be. Whether you are a medical writer or just interested in comprehending the latest research studies that come out, NUDE MICE is a book you don’t want to live without!

Who would have thought that a book on the use of medical terms would be so entertaining that you’d read it even when you didn’t have a question. I actually found myself paging through Nude Mice just for the fun of it! If you are just starting out as a medical writer—or are a pro who wants to write about a disease state or therapeutic category that uses unfamiliar terminology—this book must be on your bookshelf!

Louise RozikRozik Communications, Inc

Nude Mice is an invaluable reference that assembles the sort of everyday useful information that all medical writers need into one accessible source.

Lisa P. BreckPresidentBreck & Company, Inc

I received your book this weekend and read it Saturday night. I REALLY enjoyed it!! I love your writing style…it’s so accessible and friendly. It was very easy and comfortable reading.

Carol M