Pencil Points Comes Out Tomorrow. Here’s a Sneak Peek

How To Avoid Getting Spanked By the FDA

Pencil Points sampleWe keep running lists of potential Pencil Points topics and pick and choose each month to find the best ones to write about. Let’s just say that sometimes our best-laid plans for an issue get waylaid when topic opportunities fall out of the sky. Such was our experience this month. Keep reading and you’ll find out why.

If someone had asked us the probability of our using the words Kim Kardashian in one of our Pencil Points issues we would have laughed and laughed. Well, we guess that pigs do sometimes fly because here we are talking about her in [Not] Just for Newbies. In our opinion, reality TV stars should not be medical writers without some guidance.

When it comes to pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing, all of us can use some guidance. Check out On the Radar for a resource that explores the impact of technology and social media on the way we market products to consumers within the current regulatory environment. It’s a page-turner.

Do you believe the majority of writers are introverts? We present some evidence to the contrary in The Savvy Marketer and if you’re like us, you’ll learn a new psychology term that we plan to use time and time again.

And then there’s the adage, It’s easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission. That may be true in some instances, but not when it comes to reprints. In Dollars & Sense, we explain another revenue stream and share tips on how to make the permission process easier so you don’t get in hot water for neglecting to follow copyright law.

We absolutely love this month’s issue and we hope you do, too. Check your inbox tomorrow and then Tweet about it, share it on Facebook, tell your friends. We don’t think the FDA is watching!