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One does not often associate the word ‘fun’ with a book about medical writing but the Accidental Medical Writer is a ‘fun’ read. It is also a very informative book. Filled with humorous insights, The Accidental Medical Writer provides readers with important tips on how run a successful freelance medical writing business. As my business continues to grow, I expect to be referring back to this book for years to come. It is a must have for any medical writer’s bookshelf.

James RadkeWordPharm

I’ve been in medical writing for 5 years and found The Accidental Medical Writer a pleasurable, worthwhile read. The book has pithy wisdom relevant for the seasoned professional as well. The Resources section is outstanding, pointing readers towards unique books and resources not found in other places.

Heather HaleyAMWA Journal ColumnistHaley Writing Solutions LLC

I’m glad that I added The Accidental Medical Writer to my reading list. I enjoyed reading Cyndy and Brian’s journey into freelance medical writing and am grateful for the advice they share. I appreciated the helpful hints, especially ones that are often overlooked and can make a difference when establishing your own freelance business. And like any good storyteller, they leave me looking forward to the future releases. If you are contemplating freelance work, then this book will help you get started.

Eileen GirtenMS

Terrific job on your new book, The Accidental Medical Writer. Thanks for your encouragement not only for new writers, but also for writers who want to change jobs, or veterans. Your common sense approach and good advice is so helpful. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. To all medical writers: Don’t miss this one.

Evelyn B. Kelly, PhDWriter/educator

I am a 56 year old retired physician with a law degree who is wanting to develop a career in medical writing. I downloaded your e-book last night and just finished it. IT IS FANTASTIC. Please put me on your list to notify when the second book is released. I can’t wait!!

R.M. JamesMD, JD