4 Spring-Cleaning Tips For Your Business

Kitchen table springGrowing up in the ’60s, spring cleaning was a big deal. We had to help scrub windows, move furniture, wash curtains, shake out rugs. The mission was to eradicate the dirt and grime that had accumulated over the long, cold winter. Not such a bad idea. In fact, we recommend freelance writers do a clean sweep of their businesses at least once a year to identify business practices that are holding them back and preventing them from being as successful as they could be.

Here are 4 ideas to consider:

1. Wash away negative attitudes that are dragging you down. If you think you won’t succeed in this business, you probably won’t. Instead of viewing challenges as problems, think of them as opportunities.
2. Kick problem clients to the curb. What’s a problem client? The one who expects you to work for an impossible budget, or the client who is unreasonably demanding. When you let go of problem clients you can replace them with better ones.
3. Refresh your marketing materials, including your social media profiles. If you haven’t updated them in the past year, get busy.
4. Sweep out bad habits that limit your efficiency and productivity. Do you procrastinate? Spend too much time on Facebook? Are you inflexible with clients? Take a critical look at your daily routines and work to eliminate any bad behaviors that might be sabotaging your success.

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