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  • Why Is Cheap Actually Expensive?

    Cheap is a loaded term. It can imply a bargain with regard to cost (I only paid $300 for this Louis Vuitton bag!) or it can imply poor quality or value (It fell apart the first time I used it). In our business, whether our services are considered cheap or expensive depends on the perceived […]

  • Twitter Tips for Medical Writers

    We’re excited to share an excerpt from our newest book, Best of Pencil Points, Volume 1, set for release on July 1, 2015. Don’t miss the Authors’ Update and Business Tidbit at the end of the article!   Popular trends online in 2009 are social networking and anything else related to Web 2.0, a label […]

  • 5 Unsexy Realities About Freelance Medical Writing (and Editing, Come to Think of It!)

    We love what we do. We say it all the time. But freelance medical writing is not all puppies and unicorns. You need to be aware of some of the unsexy realities of this profession. Here goes.