We Had a Facelift!

Cosmetic surgery might not be for everyone, but after 4 years, it was time to give our website a facelift. Our new site feels revitalized and rejuvenated and we hope you like the change.

One of the additions to our site is this blog. We have good intentions and plan to blog several times a week. We’ll do our best, we promise. We generate a lot of content already, through Pencil Points , our monthly free newsletter, on our Facebook  page, and in the articles we write for the Journal of the American Medical Writers Association. We share some of these articles in the free downloads section of our site. Check it out!

We’ll continue to write about new and ongoing issues that affect medical communicators everywhere and we’ll point you to even more tools and resources that may help you do your job better. So bookmark this page and return often to discover what’s new.

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