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  • Medical Writers, Should You Write For Free?

    Whether you’re new to freelance medical writing or an experienced writer trying to break into a new therapeutic area, a common misperception is that because you lack a portfolio that includes the types of deliverables you want to write, you need to write for free just to get your foot in the door. We disagree […]

  • Prospecting: It’s All About Making Connections

    In our previous post, we discussed focusing your marketing efforts on a particular target market. Once you’ve done so, the question becomes how do you approach these prospects? When you are trying to make a connection, it’s not enough to say that you’re a freelance medical writer. That makes you sound generic. After all, you […]

  • Bring Focus and Clarity to Your Marketing Efforts

    Just as it’s important to write clearly and with focus, so is it vital to the success of your freelance medical writing business to focus your marketing efforts. There are a lot of places where medical writers can take their talent. In our opinion, using a shotgun approach that peppers the entire industry is not […]

  • We Had a Facelift!

    Cosmetic surgery might not be for everyone, but after 4 years, it was time to give our website a facelift. Our new site feels revitalized and rejuvenated and we hope you like the change. One of the additions to our site is this blog. We have good intentions and plan to blog several times a […]