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Our Prescription for Summer? Flip Flops and Flexibility

We’re big proponents of treating your freelance writing career like a business. That means defining your goals, creating a plan, and establishing regular work hours. But for those of us who are parents who work at home, summer changes everything. The 9-to-5 schedule we adopted from September through May often doesn’t work as well between… Read more »

You Get What You Pay For

We were reminded the other day that in medical writing, as in most things, customers get what they pay for. A new client approached us to rewrite several sales-training modules that had been written by someone else but didn’t meet their expectations. They admitted to us that the first writer they hired was the one… Read more »

Accidents Happen

This is the view of Cyndy’s back yard today after a presumed microburst swept through her neighborhood last night, leaving felled trees in its wake. She was lucky; the tree landed in just the right spot to miss outdoor structures. The only minor casualties were 2 uninhabited birdhouses. What does this have to do with… Read more »

4 Spring-Cleaning Tips For Your Business

Growing up in the ’60s, spring cleaning was a big deal. We had to help scrub windows, move furniture, wash curtains, shake out rugs. The mission was to eradicate the dirt and grime that had accumulated over the long, cold winter. Not such a bad idea. In fact, we recommend freelance writers do a clean… Read more »

Is It Ever OK to Write for Free?

In our previous post, we cautioned writers about writing for free or ridiculously low compensation. And we meant it. However, is it NEVER a good idea to write for free? After all, lawyers work pro bono; doctors and nurses often donate their time for good causes. If you have a true passion for an idea… Read more »