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  • Why Is Cheap Actually Expensive?

    Cheap is a loaded term. It can imply a bargain with regard to cost (I only paid $300 for this Louis Vuitton bag!) or it can imply poor quality or value (It fell apart the first time I used it). In our business, whether our services are considered cheap or expensive depends on the perceived […]

  • Hot Off the Press: The Next Issue of Pencil Points

    It’s here, the July issue of Pencil Points. If you’re a subscriber, look for it in your inbox. In this issue we share with you some very important and valuable lessons we’ve learned along our freelance journey that serve us well and we think will serve you well, too. As the Head and Shoulders shampoo commercials […]

  • Do You Need an Attitude Adjustment?

    Optimists say the glass is half full. Pessimists say the glass is half empty. We’ve even met a few people who say “Glass, what glass? You got a glass? I didn’t get a glass. Hey, where’s my glass?!” Well then, we must be super-optimists because our glass is always full! What’s the secret? Attitude.

  • Sharks Are Everywhere!

    It’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. And as recent events show, when you swim with sharks, you risk getting bitten. And by sharks we mean predatory job postings that every writer should avoid, like this one that made our toes curl in anger.

  • Freelance Writers and Editors, Celebrate Your Independence!

    July 4th is just around the corner. As we celebrate our nation’s independence here in the United States, we think it’s appropriate for freelances far and near to celebrate their financial independence from salaried work! What does that independence mean to you? To us, it means being in control: deciding who we work for, what […]